what people say about me

“Nicola has that wonderful mix of a high level of skills and competency which, together with patient and careful diagnosis, enables her to give sound, positive advice for future action. She is invariably superb at relieving all manner of aches, pains and other debilities and is sensitively empathic.”

“When I came to Nicola I had severe RSI pain in my fingers. Some evenings I simply did nothing, hoping that by resting them I’d be able to work the following day without too much pain.

I’d tried physiotherapy on the NHS and they had simply given me finger exercises which didn’t help me at all.

In contrast to this, Nicola looked at the problem far more broadly, recognising that the problem was actually in my upper back and, for the first time, I felt confident that this was someone who would actually be able to help me.

Even after the first few sessions I noticed a massive improvement in my symptoms and now, with daily exercises and occasional visits to Nicola, I’m completely free from pain in my fingers, able to type throughout the working day and pursue hobbies which I would have found unthinkable before.”

“Nicola Ellis Physiotherapy has given me a calm and stress-free environment in which Nicola works her magic. I’m an arthritis sufferer at 51 years old and Nicola has been wonderful in gaining an understanding of my condition.

Nicola has, at times, been the only person to understand what I’m going through. My GP and consultant don’t have the time to understand, but Nicola makes time to get to know you. Subtle questions about what I do each day give her an insight into what might be causing the problems.

In all, a very clever, beautiful lady who, quite frankly, makes my day each time I visit. As I said to my husband, my pains have changed since visiting Nicola. They have gone from arghhh to ah…..!”

“Her unique blend of skills and friendly and outgoing personality make being a patient of Nicola Ellis a rewarding experience. Her ability to empathise and diagnose the problem and to suggest and implement appropriate treatment ensures relief. Humour softens a firm and direct approach and her wide-ranging interests contribute to the harmonious relationship of practitioner and patient which is the basis of success. I enjoy and appreciate my sessions with her.”

“I am fortunate to be a patient of Nicola Ellis and to have benefited from her extensive knowledge in the field of physiotherapy. The range of treatments, chosen with care and performed with great expertise, has created confidence in the healing relationship which develops from sensitivity and skill. The experience is positive and profound. I appreciate the level of success achieved and the ability I have been given to help myself.”

“Nicola seeks solutions to the problem through discussion with the patient.  Through open discussion she gets onto the patient’s wavelength and seeks a compatible language to try and truly understand the problem.

Nicola visualises the problem and its impacts on the body. She sees the body as a complete inter-acting system and aims to unravels the years and layers of hidden causes. For instance, my neck causes me pain, but for years my knee has troubled me and as a result over the years I have adjusted my walking, driving position and other things to cater for this, which has probably resulted in my neck misaligning and change of use of muscles on one side

Through gentle manipulation Nicola initially relieves the pain, then she opens up those other parts that haven’t worked (or have  been under-utilised) over the years, bringing about long-lasting relief. When that is done, she works on building a permanent solution, which might be via suggested exercises, self-manipulation, stretches or even external courses, such as tai-chi, to improve balance. Where the problem needs specialist medical investigation Nicola acts as a conduit by suggesting specialists and providing introductory notes to the specialists.

Nicola is widely read and knowledgeable of alternative therapies, such as Eastern practices and more recent European thinking. Through her visualisation of the problem and the body, she is able to utilise features of these therapies in her mainstream physiotherapy for the betterment of the patient. The key word for treatment is that it is always gentle and yet it really does deliver deep relief.”

“I work in the role of an NHS GP and have signposted patients to Nicola since 2008. I have found Nicola to be an excellent resource for patients in terms of effective, quality care. My confidence and esteem in her professional practise and skills has meant that I also refer healthcare professionals to her for assessment and treatment. Feedback from patients and healthcare professionals under her care has been outstandingly positive. She has a person centred approach to care and tailors treatment to the individual and will discuss and agree expectations with patients early in the treatment plan. Her special interests are RSI myofascial release technique, chronic pain and her practice is that of a Consultant Physiotherapist with over30 years of clinical experience. In terms of probity, she has treated me and my family members as fee paying patients and this testimony is offered in good faith.”

“Nicola Ellis is a highly respected and very experienced physiotherapist. Having successfully practised in a number of different fields within her profession, she now works primarily as a myofascial release practitioner. She possesses a natural flair and instinct for achieving the subtle effects of this treatment, imbuing confidence in her patients and transmitting to them a most beneficial feeling of inner muscular spaciousness and improved freedom of mobility. Her knowledge and understanding of the musculoskeletal system is second to none, and she continues to reinforce the techniques of her craft with unstinting enthusiasm through constant reassessment of professional development. She consistently impresses with her passionate and dedicated approach and more than deserves the high regard in which she is held by her numerous patients.”

AS…… vocal rehab coach and singing teacher

“Nicola has made a huge difference not only to my body, but to how I live my life.  I have gained so much more movement and flexibility and now don’t feel as though I am broken.  Nicola is very good at challenging my beliefs, asking those pertinent questions that make you stop and think “Why do I always move like that?”  Over the time I have been visiting Nicola it’s as though each pain has been gently unwrapped and removed, until I have no pain left, just freedom of movement.  Every visit to see Nicola is a joy, not purely because of the relief that she brings, but for the whole wellbeing effect that she has on my day.”

“When I first met Nicola she described my condition as ‘vacuum packed’ and that is exactly how I felt. I was in constant pain from osteoarthritis and could scarcely walk.

Using her myofascial release expertise she has identified and corrected the ‘diverted traffic’ symptoms which were the real source of my pain.  Nicola has a deep empathy with her patients and I can never thank her enough for the difference she has made to my quality of life.”

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