special interests

home-artistAs a musician myself I have a passion for helping fellow musicians and other professionals from the arts.

Musicians and artists spend many hours in static positions using repetitive movements. This can affect posture and cause pain and RSI. Actors, singers, teachers and lecturers often develop voice issues. These impairments can threaten your livelihood so it is essential to seek experienced specialist help. Physio can make a big difference and I have been able to help many people, amateur and professional, make really beneficial changes.

I am particularly interested in the more complicated cases and really enjoy identifying not just “what you have got” but “why you have got it”.

Being in pain may have become second nature to you but you don’t always have to accept that it won’t get better.

Chronic pain/complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)/headaches

I am very interested in long term pain and have worked closely with the local pain clinic to treat chronic myofascial pain and CRPS. Fascial techniques, together with the ever increasing understanding of how our beliefs, experience and emotions can affect our pain response and behaviour, can have surprising results even in long standing conditions.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

Sir Edmund Hillary

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