Ergonomics is a science that looks at people and how they work. It takes into consideration individual capabilities and weaknesses. Applying this science ensures that a worker’s environment suits them specifically, so reducing the potential for accidents and injuries and helping to improve performance.

At my clinic I have a workplace “setup” where I can observe you to understand how you sit and how you use your computer. I will look at your physical proportions in relation to desk height and seating position.

I will also look outside of your work environment. Where is your sofa in relation to your TV? How do you sit whilst using your iPad? What position do you lie in in bed? How do you sit in your car? I can help identify factors that are contributing to your problem and help you to adjust.

If necessary, I can come into your workplace to do an in-depth assessment.

Ergonomics and Nicola Ellis Physiotherapy

“All pain is produced by the brain. This doesn’t mean for a second that it is not real – much to the contrary, all pain is real. In fact, anyone that tells you ‘it’ is all in your head implying that therefore ‘it’ is not real, does not understand physiology.”

Lorimer Moseley & David Butler  Explain Pain

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